What is Hack IT?

Hack IT is an IT security hackathon for everyone who is interested in or has some knowledge of IT security. It is great if you have previous experience with hackathons, but it is not a requirement.

Over the course of two days your job will be to navigate IT security challenges, make fast decisions and hack your way to success!

While Hack IT is about having fun and meeting new people, we take the discipline very seriously. Therefore, we have collaborated with some of the best students in the field as well as established companies to create the most realistic and challenging hacking experience for you.

You can expect to work with terminals, command prompts and hardcore hacking tools with students and graduates from different universities and academies united by their shared interest and abilities in IT, programming, and security.

  • Food and drinks all day and all night
  • New friends who are also interested in hacking
  • A cool T-shirt
  • The possibility of meeting your coming employer
  • ... and lastly the chance to win 10.000 DKK! 

The winners will also be able to present their cases to leading companies within cyber security in Denmark on Dansk IT’s annual Cyber Security Conference in September.


Watch the video from last time Hack IT took place before the pandemic

  • Data og it-sikkerhed: Gentænkt forretningen med data som råstof og it-sikkerhed og dataetik som et fundamentet