Enterprise Architect


The Enterprise Architect is responsible for development of an Enterprise Architecture and ensures ownership of it in corporation management and secure it is followed in practice.

The Enterprise Architect is working pro-actively and with a planning horizon of 2-4 year in the future, where the corporation business strategy has influence on the Enterprise Architecture.

The Enterprise Architect is typically participant in the corporation IT-governance processes and has a joint responsibility for the corporations IT budget is invested in an optimal way.

In organisations where you are not using the term as a job title, the role could be handled by experienced employees with titles like Digitalization Chief, IT Chief, Chief Consultant, Special Consultant or maybe Project Chief or Project Manager.

In relation to development of the Enterprise Architecture, it is important to notice, that as a difference to the other architect roles that deliver professional competences when required, the Enterprise Architect is very pro-active. This does not mean that the other architect roles are solely re-active, but the Enterprise Architect is delegating the development of the Enterprise Architecture to the other architect roles.

The Enterprise Architect has the responsibility of the Enterprise Architecture and will secure coordination of competences will take place. As an example, the Enterprise Architect will secure that the technology- and information aspects of an application architecture is properly investigated, either by contributing with own knowledge, or by getting the right competences involved.

The Enterprise Architect will not know everything, but need to have the overview, to know what competences that need to be involved in the given situation.

The Enterprise Architect need to secure that there are proper processes and communication around the Enterprise Architecture.

Competence profile

 Competence Profile Enterprise Architect


Good Advice

The Enterprise Architect can be Chief Architect or have a background in strategy or business development. It is vital that the Enterprise Architect has influence in the corporation decisions and speak both business language and technical language. The Enterprise Architect has the responsibility to coordinate the work in the different processes.

The Enterprise Architect is often hired on a permanent job in the corporation, to secure continuity in the Enterprise Architectural work.

The Enterprise Architect make use of the Danish public agreed methods and tools on digitaliser.dk, fda.dk and in Danish IT Society Architecture Competence Framework.

There is a lot of different opportunities for certification, both in Denmark and internationally. Ex. Methods from Open Group and Carnegie Mellon. If you want to, most of the Danish certification vendors, will also provide an introduction or mapping to FDA. Also, most of the Danish consultancy companies offer introduction to FDA. Are you already certified in one or more methods, it will be relative simple to get the overview of FDA.

Last updated 2020-12-23 by the Advisory Board for Danish IT Society Architecture Certification.