Public exam

Every month DANSK IT host a public exam for self-study and re-examinees candidates within a wide range of certifications such as DANSK IT ARKITEKTUR CERTIFICERING™, ISTQB and ICDL etc.

Public exam on demand

Are you a group of at least 6 candidates who wish to organize an exam together, we also organize public exam after your desire. Please contact Certification Manager Claudia Zöllner for an offer.

Public Exam Dates

21 February 2020
27 March 2020
15 April 2020
6 May 2020
29 May 2020
12 June 2020
10 July 2020
14 August 2020
11 September 2020
9 October 2020
6 November 2020
04 December 2020
18 December 2020

Our webside is under construction, so if you wish to register for public exam on one of the dates above, please send us an e-mail to 

Places are available on all dates.

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About self-study

Phasing out ISTQB Foundation 2012 in English and Danish

Last year, ISTQB released a new version of the Foundation curriculum. DSTB has worked hard to get concepts, syllabus and exam updated in Danish. They have now finished their work and they have reached their goal, so our accredited training providers can now offer courses in both Danish and English in 2018 version.

This means that from 1 June 2019 you can only take Foundation exams in version 2018 in English and Danish.

If you have taken a Foundation certification in a previous version (2011/2012), it is still valid.

If you have questions about the new Foundation or anything​ else regarding ISTQB certifications in Denmark, you are welcome to contact DSTB at e-mail

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