About the conference

No AI without Data. No Data without Ethics 

  • How do big corporations and big brands approach data ethics?
  • How can we even get to the benefits of AI and Machine Learning in our organizations? 
  • Can telcos sell anonymised location data and call themselves data ethical?
  • What are the best cases in the financial sector on data AI and Ethics?
  • Is Data Ethics a competitive advantage yet?
  • Does data ever come without ethical considerations?

These and many others questions are on the agenda on the 21 - 22 October 2020, when the thinkdotank DataEthics.eu and Dansk IT (The Danish IT Society) welcome you our first hybrid conference - it is held onsite in Copenhagen as well as online. 

The program is packed with national and international cases, talks and things to consider, discuss and learn from. 

We find it extremely important to discuss the consequences of our digital footprint and how to reduce and manage it. Every like, comment, email, click etc. we make online, leaves a trail. So, who has the right to keep our data and how do the companies collect, handle and use our information?

At the conference, you will learn how to take control of your own data. Learn from the best, take control of your data and expand your network with people with the same values. The experts will provide strong cases within data ethics, which is important to you as a private person and your company. We hope that you will be a part of the discussion.